Announcement 45. #BIBCHatDE international on December 7th

#BIBChatDE goes international

An absolutely unusual, challenging year is coming to an end. For each and every one of us, but also for our library work all over the world.

For this reason, we would like to exchange ideas and review with colleagues outside the German-speaking area in December #BibchatDE – therefore for the second time a chat evening in English and/or French!
Please share the invitation in your library Twitter community and let us know in advance what you are interested in. We would like to discuss the following questions:

  • Q1 How are you doing in your library right now? How much normality is there, what is missing?
  • Q2 What are your key findings from the Corona crisis regarding your work in the library?
  • Q3 What opportunities can the pandemic offer for which fields of responsibility of libraries?
  • Q4 Do you have good examples/projects of libraries that have only emerged in and through the crisis?

We look forward to many contributions from all over Europe and beyond themed: Libraries connect the world – the world needs libraries!

2 Gedanken zu „Announcement 45. #BIBCHatDE international on December 7th

  1. Dear Friends,

    Hope things remain fine with you all, notwithstanding the unusual surge in pandemic cases across Germany, as in other parts of Europe. My thoughts are with you all. I a really intrigued about getting involved in this #BIBCHatDE session and exchanging ideas with colleagues in other countries regarding how we are all managing our library operations in these grim times. However, I need to clarify one particular aspect. Currently, we do not have a social media page for our library although we will be creating one sometime soon. In fact, sometime back we had a Facebook page but that has become dysfunctional for certain technical reasons. Hence, I cannot share this event on library social media pages. So, would it be okay if this invitation cannot be shared in the social media from my side. In fact, we are currently in the process of embarking upon certain new initiatives for the library which I am eager to share at this session.

    A line in reply shall help. Take care and keep safe. May the force be with you all.

    Best wishes/Alles gute,

    Arjun Sanyal.

    • Dear Arjun, sorry for the late reply. It doesn’t matter if you can’t share the invitation. The main thing is that you can attend this evening and exchange ideas and questions. See you later, whit kind regards

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